After having my first baby via C section, I really struggled to shift the baby weight.
I gained 28kgs during my pregnancy so i turned to Hayley to help me get back into shape.
After training with hayley for 12 months I had lost all of my baby weight and Hayley also helped me tone my body to the point where and I felt and looked fitter then I was to prior being pregnant.
Hayley has not only gotten me back into shape, but has motivated me and taught me how to love exercise.
When I train I eat healthier, my skin and sleep is better and my over all mood is a lot happier.
I am now pregnant with my second child and have continued to train with Hayley through out my pregnancy to help me stay toned, fit and healthy in preparation for labour and recovery.

Rozalia Russian, Fashion Blogger

I attended a week long retreat in Bali in August this year. Wow! What an experience!
I had such an amazing time – from the rustic living arrangements to the locally grown and prepared meals – a very different type of “holiday”.
Working out daily made me feel great – like I could do anything – throw in a volcano climb so as to see a beautiful sunrise – I really can do anything! Feelings of such achievement upon reaching the top and relaxing the aching muscles in hot springs afterwards.
if you are into physical fitness, need to lose a little weight and / or just want to do something different when taking time out – I can’t recommend this retreat highly enough.
I will be ensuring I do this at least once a year – more if I can get the time away from work.
Thanks LMB for such a wonderful experience!

Rebecca Hearn on Love My Body Health Retreat

Hayley, thank you so much for one of the most amazing experiences ever! The week was definitely challenging, but you pushed and supported us through as you always do. We all bonded very quickly and have shared something truly special together. We got to see the real Bali and Karen was also a fabulous host to us all. To anyone considering joining one of Hayley’s Fitness Retreats or Bootcamps I say DO IT! I promise you won’t regret it. No matter what your fitness, Hayley will take you to the next level, with fun along the way. Can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Odette Addison on Love My Body Health Retreat

Signing on to the Who 12 Week Challenge, I went in a deluded woman. Thinking I really only needed to shift a kilo or two, I thought my fitness to be reasonably ok, despite not doing any consistent physical activity for over two years.

Meeting Hayley changed my life. I realized not only how unfit I was but also felt it important that Hayley understood that. As a professional, she clearly can see different levels of fitness in people and for me as a beginner, she was firm yet fair. Had she been forceful, mean and intimidating, I would have been instantly put off and reached straight for the chocolate!

As my fitness and passion for those early morning starts grew, Hayley continued to push me further. She could see my potential and even though her own fitness levels are off the chart impressive, she helped me to achieve mine it in a non threatening way. The thing I really loved and the things that I will take away from this is the educational part of my training. Hayley taught me what to eat, when and why certain things have an impact on my body. Her knowledge for nutrition and the science of food is impressive but her passion to pass this on to her ‘boot campers’ is truly inspiring. Hayley would call, email, text – ‘What did you eat today?’ and would teach me smart food choices and ones that weren’t so smart. Anytime I needed a question answered, she was there.
As the challenge came to an end, I realized Hayley’s magic extended far beyond the nine kilograms I had managed to shed, as amazing as that was. Whilst physically the change in me was obvious – people stopping you to say how great you look is something I hadn’t heard for years and to this day, doesn’t get old! – the change in me that no one else could see was my mind set. I loved not only the effects that a good nutritional plan and exercise had on my body but my whole life. More energy in my day, clear skin and eyes and a positive mind set.

I knew I was capable of achieving this, I had once been fit in my life before. But as work life gets busier and life becomes more serious, you forget those simple principles. Hayley re-introducing me to this and reigniting the passion in me is something I will be eternally grateful for. To this day I continue to train with her because I believe she brings out the best in me and those around her and no one can ask for more than that.

Prue Petchey, 12 Week Challenge as seen in Who Magazine

For years I was just training at a gym between 3 and 5 times a week, getting no results. It was always a struggle to get to the gym and when I was there all I could think about was leaving! Eighteen months ago a friend told me about Hayley’s Bootcamp. After one session I cancelled my gym membership and I have been training with Hayley ever since. Still after a year and a half I look forward to every session, it’s never a chore, even at 6am!

More recently I have begun training with Hayls one on one in preparation for my wedding. Wow I thought the Bootcamp was amazing, her one on one sessions are incredible. She pushes me beyond what I would ever have thought I could do, and I have again reached new goals.

Hayley is extremely motivating, she keeps my healthy eating on track, I even text her when I’m in the Supermarket planning what to buy for the week. Hayls is so personable and always takes a genuine interest in what is going on in my life. I can’t recommend her enough!!!
– Lisa Kirwan, Retail Buyer/Analyst

I have been training with Hayley for six months now and have been pushed to a level of fitness that I thought I’d ne’er be able to achieve. She has honed in on my problem areas and I couldn’t be happier. My fitness regime partnered with her tailored eating program has made me feel amazing!

– Kasia Z, Model

After a shoulder reconstruction combined with a lifestyle of minimal physical exercise and over indulging diets it was fair to assume I wasn’t in the best of shape prior to meeting Hayley. That all changed when I signed up to Hayley’s personal training program.

Thanks to her professional and friendly manner to training I’m in the best shape of my life.  What I’ve appreciated most from Hayley is her holistic approach to your personalized training program that covers three important elements; 1. Physical; 2. Nutritional; and 3. Mental well-being.

Whilst many places focus solely on the physical aspect to your training Haley ensures you concentrate on all these elements which are all inclusive to her rates providing great value for your money and guaranteed improvements to your personal well being.

Thanks Troop.

– Andre Kersting, Planning and Regulatory Manager

I found Hayley in a roundabout way while looking for help for my ‘problem’ – AGE, and what it was doing to my body….

Hayley has changed my world.

She is the total package.  With her guidance I am now focused not only on my body but also my mind and my spirit.

Her nutritional advice and personal training regime has me looking and feeling the best I have ever felt.  I have the energy and confidence to do anything.  Even wear a bikini and above the knee dresses! Run marathons!

If you are looking for your teacher – Hayley is it.

I overcame all prejudices I had about gym junkies, hippie style eating and the idea  that the only way to lose weight was to starve yourself.  With Hayley’s professional and educational nutritional advice I now know what to eat for optimum health and wellbeing.

She has shown me how to listen to my body while pushing it to its maximum. How to also stop. Relax.  Take time out for me.  While still enjoying everything life has to offer. I am a dedicated and committed follower of  THE HAYLEY and recommend her to everyone I know through the way I look and feel.

She has become one of my closest and most important friends.  Someone I trust and I know will be with me all the way.

– Jacqueline Rutherford, Mother

I saw Hayley because I wanted an eating plan specific for maximising performance and for injury prevention. Being an athlete, It is important that I give my body all the nutrients it requires for optimal performance.

As soon as I started following her eating plan I found I had more energy, my skin folds were exactly as they should be and I feel stronger and healthier than ever before. I would recommend her to anyone looking for dietary advice!
– Lance Franklin,AFL footballer